Een afbeelding van het interieur van libertas
Een afbeelding van het interieur van libertas
Een afbeelding van het interieur van libertas
Een afbeelding van het interieur van libertas

Live muziek: Sangre de Muérdago

Live muziek: woensdag 6 september | 20.00u | Sangre de Muérdago

Sangre de Muérdago brengt hun Galicische volksmuziek naar Libertas!

“Al meer dan 15 jaar maakt Sangre de Muérdago de weg in de wereld van de mysterieuze ‘Galician folk music’ – het publiek in trance achterlatend. Ze spelen op podia over de hele wereld, en vertellen hun eigen muzikale verhalen waar hun magie en kampvuur-volksmuziek werkelijkheid worden.”


There is no ticketsale for this concert: everybody is welcome to come and listen – and we ask you to pay-what-you-can.

For more than 15 years, Sangre de Muérdago have been leading a path towards deep immersion into worlds of delicate and mysterious Galician folk music, becoming known for driving audiences into deep trance, transformation, intimacy and introspection.
Living the old school musician’s way, forged on stages of every colour all around the world on numerous international tours and renowned festivals, Sangre de Muérdago have been carefully crafting a narrative of their own, in which magic becomes real and campfire folk turns in to chamber music. Showing deep respect and knowledge of their musical heritage and roots while at the same time creating new perspectives, giving birth to a new dawn of folk songs to be sung and remembered by generations to come, as far as there is music in this world…

The brand new album, 6th full length in the band’s extensive and prolific discography, “O vento que lambe as miñas feridas” has just seen the light on a spectacular handmade Cd edition via their own label Música Máxica and premieres live at Roadburn 2023 as Sangre de Muérdago were artist in residence of this year’s edition of the festival.
Vinyl format is coming out in October 2023 in a stunning edition. Once again, Sangre de Muérdage takes deeper and deeper into their haunting and always forward musical journey while the band is currently presenting the album live throughout Europe.

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